1 Year Anniversary of Real Estate Investing Podcasts Recap

Build in Public, Behind the Scenes, The Numbers

May 20, 2023

WARNING: This is not our typical content.

Normally we share information about working with real estate investors. This is not one of those classes.

May 20, 2023 is the 1-year anniversary of launching the new real estate investing podcasts.

To honor the anniversary, we’re recapping how the first year went including:

  • Key milestones achieved

  • Number of episodes published

  • Number of podcast downloads

  • Number of subscribers

  • How much money we made

  • How much expenses were to run this business

  • What are goals are for the future of the podcasts, substack and beyond

  • Info on the ServingRealEstateInvestors.com podcast & substack

  • Plus much, much more…

So, if you’re just interested in real estate investing and working with real estate investors… you can safely skip this recording.

However, if you’re interested to hear about the behind-the-scenes aspects of the city-specific real estate investing podcasts and this ServingRealEstateInvestors.com content and want to see us build this in public, this is your chance to celebrate our first year together.

Happy anniversary!


James Orr