10 Things to Teach Real Estate Investors

Class Recording

Apr 6, 2023

The following is an AI-generated summary of what is in the video:

The video discusses the different types of classes that real estate investors might want to teach, broken down into the following categories:

How to Analyze Deals

  • Teach how to look at and analyze properties

  • Discuss how to evaluate offers

  • Teach how to request showings

How to Come Up With Down Payments

  • Discuss how much money is needed for different strategies

  • Teach how to develop down payments using different strategies

How to Finance Properties

  • Teach different financing options available to investors

  • Discuss how to evaluate financing offers

The Process of Buying (Investment) Properties

  • Teach how to determine target audience and property type

  • Discuss how to design and test a game plan

  • Teach how to adjust the game plan based on feedback

  • Help investors understand how to contact lenders, etc.

The Process of Selling Investment Properties

  • Teach how to develop a process for selling properties

  • Discuss how to determine comps

  • Teach how to prepare a property for showings

  • Teach how to negotiate contracts

  • Teach how to improve cash flow

How to Improve Cash Flow

  • Discuss different ways to improve cash flow

  • Help investors develop a plan for improving cash flow

How to Manage Rental Properties

  • Teach how to screen tenants

  • Discuss how to handle repairs and turnovers

  • Teach how to read property management statements

Different Real Estate Investing Strategies

  • Teach a separate class on each type of strategy

  • Have an overview class that covers all strategies

Local Real Estate Paperwork, Laws, and Regulations

  • Teach about local real estate laws and regulations

  • Teach about local real estate paperwork

Market Stats

  • Teach how to analyze local market stats

  • Discuss market predictions

Bonus: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxes

  • Teach about bookkeeping and accounting for real estate investors

  • Teach about taxes for real estate investors

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