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Advising Your Clients to Increase Leverage

⬇️ New Spreadsheet Download and Class Recording

With prices up a lot and historic period of low mortgage interest rates… many owners of real estate have gained massive amounts of equity in the past years.

Some of them are tempted to utilize that equity to increase leverage and invest in more properties.

You may be tempted to encourage them to do so since it may result in them selling/refinancing properties with you and buying/financing new properties.

  • Sell 1 or more property/ies with a lot of equity and buy 2 or 3 or more to replace it.

  • Refi 1 property/ies with a lot of equity and finance 2 or 3 or more with the new-found down payments.

But, before you do that, it is important to understand the extra risks associated with leveraging up.

That’s what I do in this class and this new spreadsheet.



James Orr

Spreadsheet Download

Download the latest version of the EV - Risk and Reward spreadsheet below.

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Serving Real Estate Investors
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