Business Philosophy

Class Recording

May 22, 2023

James discusses his business philosophies and why you might want to create your own.

These philosophies include:

The following is a short list of my personal business philosophy and how I prefer to do business with others.

  1. Clients first. Always put the needs of my clients before my own.

  2. Relationships before transactions. The long-term relationship is always more important than a transaction.

  3. Always ask, "What can I do to be of service to my clients?"

  4. Clients make the decisions. I help clients understand and manage the process.

  5. Strive to connect people daily.

  6. Educate first. Educate often. This goes for myself as well as sharing with clients. I read 50 business books a year so that I can be a resource to my clients about their real estate needs and their businesses. NCREIG, the Fort Collins based investor club I co-founded in 2003 teaches about 50 classes per year.

  7. Help business owners grow their businesses and improve their processes.

  8. Think long term value and do something to add value with every interaction.

  9. Be grateful and appreciate the opportunity to serve.

  10. Look for opportunities to refer to others first.

  11. Earn the referrals of others by going beyond what is typical in my industry.



James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™