First Meeting for New Real Estate Investor Members

Class Recording

Apr 28, 2023

The following is an AI-generated summary of what is in the video:

In the transcript above, the speaker discusses the process of a new real estate investor discovering their real estate investor meetup and possibly becoming a client. They begin by discussing how to balance beginner and advanced topics to attract different types of people to the meetup. They aim to provide valuable information to all attendees, regardless of their level of experience in the industry.

The speaker emphasizes that new people attending the meetup get to network with other investors, but they don't force introductions. They believe that people should have the freedom to choose who they want to interact with and how they want to participate in the group.

The speaker also mentions that they don't pitch becoming a client from the front of the room and only a few new people actually become clients. However, they do provide resources for those who are interested. After the meeting, new people may download resources and RSVP for upcoming classes.

One way the speaker provides additional value to new attendees is by buying them lunch and having a conversation about their backgrounds and goals. During this conversation, the speaker may give them a book and schedule a follow-up meeting if the person shows interest in becoming a client.

Regardless of whether or not the person becomes a client, the speaker aims to add value and be of service to them. They encourage attendees to keep coming to classes and to continue learning about real estate investing.

Overall, the speaker's approach is focused on providing valuable information and building relationships with new attendees, rather than solely trying to convert them into clients. They believe that by adding value and being of service, they can help people succeed in the real estate investing industry.


James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™