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Help Your Clients Understand Their Returns

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It’s a tricky market right now:

  • Prices are up… a lot in some markets

  • Interest rates are up… a lot

  • Rents are up… but not enough to overcome the higher prices and interest rates

Real estate investors need help understanding this strange market.

They need help with ways to improve cash flow (like our 88 strategies shown above) and the Deal Alchemy™ classes we’ve been teaching.

But, it also helps if you show them ALL the returns they’re earning when they buy rental properties with your assistance.

And, that’s what this new spreadsheet does… it allows your investors to really understand where the returns are when they buy rentals and makes it easier to see which they should focus on improving and why.

I call it the Rental Portfolio Return in Dollars Quadrants™ spreadsheet. Watch the video above to learn more about it and download it below.

Spreadsheet Download

Download the latest version of the Rental Portfolio Return in Dollars Quadrants™ spreadsheet below.

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Serving Real Estate Investors
Serving Real Estate Investors
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