How to Set Up Your Local Real Estate Investor Podcast

Class Recording

Apr 20, 2023

The following is an AI-generated summary of what is in the video:

  • The video provides a walkthrough on how to set up a real estate investing podcast.

  • The author recommends including the city name and real estate investing-related keywords in the podcast title to better target local audiences.

  • Good artwork can be commissioned on platforms such as Fiverr for reasonable prices.

  • The document explains how to configure and customize the podcast website, including adding links, featuring episodes, and changing colors.

  • The author emphasizes the importance of serving local audiences with specific information.

  • The document explains how to use Transistor, a paid podcast hosting service, to distribute and manage the podcast.

  • Finally, the author encourages beginners to not get discouraged and to start with a few classes, iterating and improving over time.


James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™