Introductory Class Recording

Apr 3, 2023

Welcome! This is the inaugural webinar and introduction to Serving Real Estate Investors.

Discussed in this recording:

  • Welcome to our webinar!

    • Short… ideally 15-25 minute webinars.

  • Focused on why, start and run… local real-estate-investor-focused:

    • Club, group, meetup

    • Classes and networking events

    • Podcast

    • Website (including SEO)

    • Newsletter, books, spreadsheets, downloads and tools

  • Focused on adding value to real estate investor clients and attracting them to you by the value you add

  • If you miss the live webinar… watch the video on substack or listen to the podcast while you’re driving.

    • Ideally, attend live and bring your questions.

  • A little background/history on James

Looking forward to our next webinar tomorrow on Types of Real Estate Investors.


James Orr

P.S. If you have questions, leave a comment or reach out via email or replying to any of the emails you receive from the substack.