Local SEO for the Real Estate Investor’s Agent

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Apr 21, 2023

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Welcome to another episode for ServingRealEstateInvestors.com. Today's class is a primer on local search engine optimization for the real estate investors agent.

Going Wide vs. Going Narrow

When it comes to SEO, going wide or general is difficult because there are many people competing for generic terms. For example, competing for "Fort Collins Real Estate" is challenging because many individuals and entities are vying for that keyword. However, if you go narrow or specific, it is easier to rank because fewer people are competing for those terms.

For instance, "Fort Collins Investment Real Estate" is a more specific keyword that is easier to rank for than "Fort Collins Real Estate." While the search volume may be lower for the more specific term, it is essential to cater to the people searching for that term by providing them with valuable content that meets their needs.

Focusing on Low Volume Keywords

Even if you think a keyword has low search volume, it is still worth creating content and pages that cater to that keyword. If you are catering to a specific group of people, even a few people searching for a term can be valuable.

For example, "Dallas Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent" may have no search volume, but it is still a good idea to have a page and content focused on that keyword. By leading with value and creating tools, education, and resources that cater to a specific group's needs, you are more likely to come up in their search results and add value.

James Orr's Example

James Orr's website, which he is no longer actively using, provides an example of how this strategy can work. By creating pages and content specific to certain keywords, James was able to rank well for those terms. He was able to cater to the people searching for those keywords by providing valuable content, tools, and resources.

In conclusion, the key to successful local SEO for the real estate investor's agent is to focus on specific, valuable content that meets the needs of a particular group of people. By leading with value and creating content that caters to specific keywords, you can rank well and add value to potential clients.



James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™