Russell Brunson's The Perfect Webinar Example for Those Serving Real Estate Investors

Watch James Present "The Perfect Webinar"

Way back in 2017… I read about Russell Brunson’s “The Perfect Webinar” framework.

So, I sat down and put together my own version and I called it “How to Acquire a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio Without Tons of Cash” as a webinar to attract (and ultimately serve) real estate investors.

Yesterday, my friend reminded me that I had it. So, I dug it up and I’m sharing the 2+ hour recording of it with those that also are serving real estate investors and that might want to make their own version.

I am 100% positive it won’t be EXACTLY what you will do, but it should give you some ideas and could be a good starting point for you making your own.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will keep this up for a very, very limited time.

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