The Nomad™ Book

Class Recording

May 2, 2023

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James Orr, the host of a real estate investor series, talks about the Nomad™ book, which is a 133-page book that he wrote and gives away to new people that attend a real estate investor meeting for the first time. The book explains the Nomad™ strategy for real estate investing, which involves buying a home as an owner-occupant, living there for at least a year, and then renting it out while buying a new home. The book addresses common objections about the strategy and provides a vision for the future that people can follow. Orr recommends writing a book as a marketing tool to share information with prospective clients. The book is an effective pre-screening tool that helps potential clients understand the pros and cons of the Nomad™ strategy.



James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™