The Slow Initial Growth of Starting a Real Estate Investor Podcast

Class Recording

Apr 18, 2023

The following is an AI-generated summary of what is in the video:

In the video, the speaker provides valuable insight into how to stay motivated when starting a podcast for real estate investors. The speaker acknowledges that the initial growth of a podcast can be slow, and it is easy to get discouraged during this period. However, the speaker recommends that one should remain focused and consistent in their efforts to produce valuable content for their audience.

The speaker suggests teaching classes and syndicating them out to other areas as a way to expand the reach of the podcast. By adding these classes to a podcast, individuals can create a library of resources that provide value to their audience. The speaker emphasizes that it is important to consistently work on the podcast over time and not get discouraged by slow growth.

To illustrate his point, the speaker shares his own statistics for a local podcast and a new syndicated podcast in various US cities. These statistics show that while the growth may be slow at first, over time, compounding growth can occur, leading to an increase in downloads and a larger audience.

Overall, the speaker emphasizes that the rewards of a successful podcast are worth the effort, and it is important to remain motivated and consistent in producing valuable content for the audience. By doing so, individuals can build a library of resources that provide value to their audience and create a platform for themselves in the real estate investing world.

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