Why Work with Real Estate Bird Dogs

Class Recording

May 23, 2023

The following is an AI-generated summary of what is in the video:

  • The transcript is from a podcast webinar series on serving real estate investors.

  • The host, James, is discussing the role of real estate bird dogs and why to work with them.

  • Bird dogs are individuals interested in researching and identifying potential real estate deals and turning them over to investors or agents for a fee.

  • Bird dogs are not typically involved in negotiating with sellers or closing deals.

  • The pros of working with bird dogs include their willingness to work for small fees, potential for referrals or becoming clients themselves, and ability to provide research or administrative assistance.

  • Bird dogs may attend investor meetings to meet more wholesalers and real estate investors.

  • They can be a source of introductions to other clients in the market.

  • They may be interested in learning how to do comparable sales and can provide comparable sales data.

  • Bird dogs can be helpful to real estate agents who want to outsource some of their comps work.

  • They may become clients for other types of deals in the future.

  • The cons of working with bird dogs include their focus on small dollar amounts, indirect involvement in transactions, and lack of direct content leading to transactions.

  • It might be harder for them to qualify to buy a property themselves due to the smaller fees they earn.



James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™