How to Stay in Touch with Real Estate Investor Clients

Class Recording

Apr 13, 2023

The following is an AI-generated summary of what is in the video:

The document discusses how to stay in touch with real estate investor clients. The author recommends creating a weekly class on real estate investing and adding attendees to a mailing list. By sending a weekly email announcing the class, you can stay in touch with clients and add value. In addition to the weekly class, you can also send a follow-up email after the class is over, post the class on social media, and send a printed monthly newsletter to clients. All of these methods help you stay top of mind with clients and demonstrate value. The author also suggests asking for referrals by inviting attendees to bring a friend to the weekly class.

Back to me. Here’s my outline:

  • Gary Keller’s 8x8 and 33 Touch

    • Something of value

  • If you opt to do a weekly class schedule (50-100 touches):

    • Email announcing upcoming classes each week

    • Email announcing class recording available

      • Some of you may opt to do this as part of announcing the next class

  • Podcast, video, Meetup notifications

    • Social proof

  • Monthly print newsletter

    • With upcoming class schedule and recordings availability

  • Ask for referrals can become “invite a friend”


James Orr
The Real Estate Financial Planner™