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We focus on evaluating the unique dangers and fears that real estate investors face and how we, as professionals that serve them, can eliminate or mitigate those dangers.

We help real estate investors identify and capitalize on their best opportunities and make it easier, faster and better for them.

We help real estate investors cater to their unique skills, strengths and capabilities so they can maximize the results from their efforts.

Our philosophy is the more we can specialize and best serve real estate investors the more real estate investors will be attracted to our services and products. The better we serve, the more they’ll want to be served by us and the more repeat business from them we will generate.

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About the author

James Orr is a real estate broker and Real Estate Financial Planner™ that caters to real estate investors. As a real estate investor himself, he tries to anticipate the specific needs and desires of real estate investors to assist them.

He also believes in collaboration and sharing. He loves to share with other professionals what he and others are doing to better serve real estate investors so we all can attract more real estate investor clients and do an even better job serving them.

He lives with his wife Tammy, son Tim, and dog Echo in Northern Colorado.

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James Orr

James Orr is a real estate investor, licensed real estate broker and the Real Estate Financial Planner™.